Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A New Month, A New Beginning

You know how it is when you get back from vacation? Reality, work, schedules, unpacking, laundry, paying bills... And while you're busy trying to get back in the swing you find yourself constantly daydreaming.

The beauty of the forest, the feel of a warm summer night with a light breeze and no jacket, a thousand stars, the peace and the gratitude. The nightly forest sounds your brain tries to identify, the chill and exhilaration you get when you can't place them. The best sleep you've ever had, even in the vulnerability of a tent.

For me, spending time in our beautiful Gifford Pinchot National Forest is a renewal for my soul. I feel nothing but gratitude for my life and the amazing beauty of the world we are privileged to live in. I have come back re-centered and ready to take on the challenges that are in front of me.

Today I empty coolers and wash all of the camp equipment to make it ready for the next trip out. I wash all of the bedding and clothing, I pay bills and prepare the house for our jump back into reality.

Tomorrow, I get to take on the barn wiring! I'm looking forward to the solution I know I'll find, and to seeing all of the lights lit up and working beautifully! I am grateful for all of it, in advance!

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