Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sneak Peek Of The Kitchen & Other Stuff

To move forward with the barn, I started making the little trunk kit from Cat's Paw that was supposed to live at the end of the log bed. Nothing was working out right - the directions were confusing, the "handcut" pieces weren't fitting together at all and then I got frustrated. The kit made great tinder for a mini bonfire in the backyard, though. Just kidding. But I did feel better just thinking about doing it though...

Since then I've been busy doing lots of little details, but nothing much that is making an impact worth writing about - yet. I've installed trim and baseboards, touched up trim paint, added ceiling paper to the bottom of the loft (which will be the ceiling to the living room and shop area) and painted it with the ivory trim color.

A couple more exciting events have started though. I've attached the upper kitchen cabinet to the lower counter using some cool Tim Holtz brackets. I have finally figured out the configuration of the kitchen, and the great news is that so far I've been able to use all of the things I've already made! The photo above is a sneak peek at the cabinet unit. I'll get more photos posted once the kitchen is complete.

I made the hanging pendant lights for the bathroom. They are necklace tube findings I found on Amazon a while back, and were so cheap compared to ready made dollhouse lights! Especially with free shipping! They were easy to make, and I love how they look!

I also installed the staircase pendant light and the kitchen lights. You'll just have to wait to see them after I have some real impactful progress to report.

Thanks for checking in on the project! I know very few read my blog, so I appreciate you all the more!

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