Monday, August 3, 2015

Moving Onward To The Shop...

As I'm sure I've mentioned in my past posts, Russ and I are passionate about our hobbies. It's great because I love the Jeep and our exploration trips into forests near and far. In this way, I can be really supportive of his projects and encourage him to get creative with his welding and many other talents.

In return, I think I must have the most supportive husband a miniature enthusiast could ever dream of. He absolutely thinks I am the most talented and creative person ever made, and he doesn't mind the countless hours we sit together while I work on minis and he catches up on Raiders news. Also, every time I have a quandary, he's right there to help me find a solution - often with his skill and tools!

Part of what makes me so excited about the barn project is his excitement about designing and outfitting our shop space together! I can't wait to see how tickled he is with every new mini tool replica we create! He even picked up a 1:10 scale Jeep that he's going to bash and toughen up!

And finally, it is time to start the shop part of the project!

Today, I painted and textured the shop floor to simulate concrete. I love the way it turned out. I applied 3 coats of ivory paint to the walls, just as a background for whatever wall treatment we settle on.

Then it was time to install the garage doors. The rollers in the tracks actually took up about 1/4" more space than the measurements and dry fit implied. Again, the rip saw saved me. I just took off about 1/8" from each center track, and patiently fit and glued everything in.

It's really starting to take on it's personality, and I'm loving the creative turns The Universe keeps gifting us with!

Tomorrow's goal: Making light fixtures for the garage. I'll dream about them tonight and hopefully, some universal muse will hear my call and give me some creative ideas and a little guidance.

Night all!

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