Thursday, July 2, 2015

We pulled out a victory!

Thanks to my awesome man, I now have all the openings (except for the dormers - story later) cut out for the barn!

It took me all afternoon, several "do-overs" and a good bit of my pencil eraser, but I finally got the openings laid out. I'm blaming the full moon for why I traced everything on the wrong side and had to do it over. It was beautiful, tho, and the night was one of those magic warm summer nights I look forward to all winter!

The dormers were a bit of a challenge. They are made for a regular pitched roof. The barn roof, well, it's a barn roof and not nearly as pitched as a normal house. This meant some adjustments. The hubs said we needed to figure out the angle. I asked him how to do that, and he pulls out this funny looking dial tool and says with this. He's a genius, and apparently our barn roof is a 22 degree angle.

The next challenge was how to cut a 22' angle using a giant miter saw on a triangular shaped dormer. The first attempt did not go as we'd planned, and did not achieve the results we were looking for. Luckily, the dormer ended up mostly in tact, Russ still has all his fingers, and I can camouflage the cosmetic and structural damage.

Next, we put our brains together and came up with a jig using styrofoam pieces I had tucked away. The next 2 dormers turned out great! I retraced their outlined onto the roof piece and we will cut them out tomorrow.

I am super excited to finally be beginning the barn structure, and so grateful that my husband is smart, supportive and owns lots of tools!

More exciting stories to tell tomorrow! Night everyone!

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