Thursday, July 2, 2015

Some Major Changes to the Game Plan...

I wanted to start in small steps on the RGT barn (aka our retirement home) so I spent the past few months working on some of the interior elements. The kitchen kit was from an old Realife Miniatures kit I found on ebay.

The bathroom vanities were from old House of Miniatures kits from ebay, as well. I had an idea in my head about the size of the loft and just happily put stuff together. Well, the dry fit opened my eyes to the fact that I may have over estimated the amount of space, both floor space and ceiling height. No big deal. It's still the First Quarter. I just have to punt... Get the barn shell ready to go and modify or remake what I have to to make it work.

I decided the best way to move forward was to cut the openings for the dormers, garage doors, and front door. A couple months back I had ordered a specially made front piece from RGT without the barn door opening. I realized yesterday they had sent me a solid front wall (and a very warped one at that), but one for the smaller barn kit. So yes, it's about 2 or so inches short.

You know that feeling you have when you're looking for an important email, one that will prove that the mistake was theirs so they'll make it right and send out the correct piece post haste? But then you realize you've made an ass of yourself and deleted all correspondence? Yeah... Throw the flag, Punt again...

Okay, so not all is lost. There's still hope for a win! t least the short piece is the same thickness and has the exact same milled siding. So I just have to use it to fill in the original front wall with the barn door opening. Thank God my husband is willing and eager to help! He's much better with the real life sized tools than I am! 

So, the plan is to fill in the piece, glue it, spackle it, let it dry. Then I can trace the garage door and front door patterns onto to it and use my trusty  (miniature friendly) scroll saw to cut them out. Once that is done, I am free to begin the assembly, gluing, nailing, priming and running the wiring. Score! 

Finally! I have a direction and am ready to run with the ball! Even if the game plan is changing a bit. That's okay tho... us miniaturists have a lot of tricks in our play book!

Apologies for all the football references. Just getting excited for the season to start! Go Hawks!

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