Wednesday, July 8, 2015


 Since my last post I glued down the flooring. Wallpaper Mucilage does not work at all like Grandmother Stover's glue. There were spots that didn't adhere, and you can kind of feel some bumpiness when you run your hand across it. I put weights on the problem areas overnight. It feels like it's adhered pretty well, so I'll leave it and we'll call it "Barn Wood". I'll be staining it along with the doors and windows pretty soon here.

The wallpaper I have for the bathroom is the kind that is self pasted. The glue is  supposed to activate after sitting for 5 minutes. Mine didn't. I ended up using watered down Grandmother Stover's and that worked really well. At first it wanted to bead up, but I let it sit for several minutes, then sponge brushed it out again and it spread just fine. I'm so glad I made the pattern for the wallpaper when I cut the walls - It worked great!

I have a little tub & shower kit from MBS. They are the ones that make all the clear plastic tile, sinks, toilets etc. The idea is, you paint the underside and the top side ends up looking like porcelain.

These are actually the shower fixtures. Right now, stuck into styrofoam for painting, it kind of looks like a lava rock! Once they are dry I have to drill holes for them and attach them to the tile shower surround.

The bathroom is only going to be as wide as the shower, so I needed to paint the kit and do a dry fit. Working around the dormer window in the bathroom was a real puzzle. I think it's going to look better in there if I just cover the dormer window with wallpaper and tile and pretend it is not there. From the front side of the barn, when I install the window I will just affix a curtain to it.

I'll have to make a shower curtain and rod, and attach the molding for the front of the tub. I also have to make the sconces, paint the towel bar and TP holder etc. I can't wait to get to the decorating part!

I've run most of the tapewire for the loft. I have 4 plugs hidden under the roof pieces that can't easily be seen. These are what I'll use to plug in the lighting fixtures - I still have to make all of them!

The bedroom is going to have a plug on either side of the bed so that lamps can plug into them. I have put marks on the front wall where I need more plugs installed. I still have to figure out the wall covering in the bedroom and kitchen before the front wall can be attached. Then I'll have to tie in the bedroom plugs to the main taperun. There's also going to be a light outside the french doors, so I need to drill a hole for the wires and install another plug in for that.

This is the kitchen space. I haven't cut the stairwell hole out of the wood floor yet. I am worried that the floor will become unadhered. Yikes!

I'll need to paper the three walls and the ceiling in here, too.

I have lots to do and feel very scattered! I guess I need a dry erase board like Russ has in the garage! I used to be so organized! Oh well, old age, I guess!

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