Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Paint Party!

It's been a busy and productive couple of days! I'm moving swiftly forward on getting all the little details finished on the Barn's kitchen!

I found some farmhouse colors on Pinterest that I liked, so I made and printed some color chips. I have limited acrylic colors, so I knew I'd have to mix what I have to match the color chips as closely as possible. I do have gesso and about 36 artist chalk colors at my disposal, so I knew I could make milk paint if I needed to. It turns out I was able to use the paints I had, mixed with a little white to bring them to more of a pastel. I already had cherry red and ivory, so the paint party was on!

These pieces are bisque miniatures made to order by an artisan named Tim in Colorado. They are definitely the way to go - you can personalize them in a million ways, and you'll never find pre-finished miniatures so inexpensively!

After several coats (especially red) they were ready for a little spray glaze. It's stinky, but really gives the bisque a nice luster!

The little chopstick/cocktail toothpick bar stools came out really cute with some of the kitchen colors added.

Meanwhile, while I waited for paint and glaze to dry, I decided to give a plate rack a try. I found this tutorial on Googling. It was enough "how to" to be able to adapt the idea to my above sink cabinet.

Take scrap wood for trim, balsa for a frame, some wire, glue, and paint. Add to that a little imagination and a willingness to maybe fail, and voila! That is all it took!

I'll post a finished picture once I have the above sink unit loaded.

I have some little plastic Chrysnbon items to add to the kitchen. Tonight I'll finish spray-painting the primary coats, then finish off the details tomorrow. I'm thinking I might paint a couple little things into le creuset lookalikes with two tone colors.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to look at progress on Russ & Jodi's Retirement Barn!

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