Saturday, April 11, 2015

Time Flies...

And I am definitely having fun! Here I am painting some white plastic babies breath flowers from Joanne's in more vibrant colors.

While paint was drying my wonderful husband showed me the "math" behind cutting angles on his miter saw. The roof that came with the kit was flat, and I just thought it needed a little character. Plus, I had wires to hide! 

A couple layers of drywall compound, and a LONG drying time later, it was time for sanding. I did this in the garage rather than my dining room! It was also nice to use my husbands compressor to blow the dust off my jammies and the potting shed!

I noticed that a lot of the potting sheds I looked at on Pinterest to get ideas had metal channel roofing. I liked the look, so adding 1/8x1/8 strip wood to the roof gave me just what I was after.

A couple coats of Linen paint and some sealer later, I had time while they dried.

Why not start the rain chain?

I used Chrysnbon cups for the actual water cups on the chain (after I drilled holes in them to run the chain through). Next I'll apply some copper paint and bronze glage to the whole assembly. That glaze takes a good long time to dry, so I'll post completed pictures later.

Intermittently I am working on the plants, planters and flowers. Very soon now I am going to be able to start loading in and gluing down treasures. Since Jackie's birthday isn't until June, I'll get a little time to enjoy this little beauty before it leaves for California!

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