Sunday, April 26, 2015

Long and Busy Day!

I spent the better part of the day going through loads of scrapbooking supplies that I haven't touched in years. I decided I needed the space, and somebody out in the world might just need what I don't want at a bargain price. In case you're in need here's My eBay Page.

After all that business, I completed the final details on the second vanity kit bash. I just can't to see it in the barn someday!

I admit that I was a little intimidated about starting the stove/oven part of the Realife Miniatures kit. I really took my time and tried to think like a chess player. I sure hope I thought in terms of the proper order of things so that I don't literally paint myself into a corner!

The frame is in place, the inside painted dark grey, doors are prepped for paint and the burners (snap parts and washers) are in process. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to put the finishing touches together. 

After the stove is finished, the even more intimidating fridge kit will be next! I can totally love and hate a challenge all at the same time!

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