Monday, April 20, 2015

In The Meantime...

It's coming on two weeks since I received the Real Good Toys Big Barn Kit and I haven't even begun to prime it! I am getting restless, but before I can start there's an issue to deal with...

The kit comes with a large opening cut out on the front wall which is meant to be sliding barn doors to bring livestock through. Hopefully, I won't have any livestock living in it when it becomes the model for our retirement home! We are planning to install 2 (bashed to make them taller) Houseworks Garage Doors and an entry door to the front, and therein lies the quandary... How to cut out for the garage and entry doors, and use that material to fill in the pre-cut barn door, all the while matching the milled siding. I am not so confident in our ability to make it look right, so, I emailed Real Good Toys.

Jennifer was wonderful! She told me exactly what information she needed from me in order to assist me with getting the right replacement part, custom cut for our needs! We were able to order a new front piece, grooved and milled exactly like the original, minus the door opening! And all of this for only $35! This was Real Good News! Our new front wall should ship out this week!

In the meantime, to keep me busy on something, I purchased an old Realife Miniatures kitchen kit on ebay. It is literally from 1975, hence the Harvest Gold appliance color. It came in the original factory shrink wrap, but upon inspecting the package contents, the stain, sealer and glue they provided was all dried up. The wood is also a bit dry and brittle, but careful removal from the pattern sheets seems to be working out pretty well. There is also a sort of fermented glue aroma that takes a little getting used to.

In the true spirit of miniature adventuring, I've decided to do a little kit bashing. I'd like to have a farmhouse sink instead of the apartment sized one that comes with the kit. I had a nice plastic container from a Chrysnbon candy dish set in my junk drawer, so that's what will become the farmhouse sink. A little word of advice on this kit - nothing is cut to fit perfectly. All the pieces are extra long and wide. I imagine that is so that it can be extra forgiving if you get a little happy cutting or sanding.

As an early Mother's Day gift, and with the complete encouragement of my amazing husband, I am expecting... To receive my new Dremel Moto Saw today! I am killing time until I hear the familiar squeaky breaks on the truck of our friendly UPS man My husband has always said you can do anything with the right tools. He's got a garage absolutely stuffed with them! Unfortunately, they are a little rugged for little jobs.

As soon as it arrives I plan to get very adventurous! In the meantime, I wait...

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