The New Orleans

Dollhouse kit - Check!

Wallpaper, flooring and trim - Check!

Ideas - Check!

Time - Still looking for it...

Update - April 6, 2017
I have to be completely out of my mind. That's all there is to it. You see, I just finished the garden shed. I have a partially constructed flower shop to finish, not to mention a soap shop that has been sitting idle since November. I have the Creatin' Contest kit just waiting to be started (December: tick, tick, tick) and an advent calendar that kinda needs to be done by December 3rd. Yet instead of working through these projects, I do this...

The kit has been waiting three years
for it's turn...

New parts, new possibilities!

Parts list - so OCD satisfying!

Right now this is exciting but
 at some point I am going to hate painting
I know better than to argue with myself. Might as well just save time and go with the creative flow!

I love fresh wood, glue and nails!

Kitchen cabinet mock up.
I have the perfect size plywood for the divider wall.
First floor dry fit. I'm full of ideas...
I can cut this opening...

And cut this one...

And fill this one...
Oh trust me. I have asked myself some tough questions... "What about the space it will need to be displayed properly? Where will you put the garden shed and the flower shop/s? Have you forgotten about poor Alki Point? Are you aware that you have two large builds already in your bedroom?". And to myself I say...

See that computer hutch? Those built in shelves?

You've got plenty of space.
You just need to get creative!

And let's not forget my hunky handy handsome husband. The one who brings home tools and shelving material as early Mother's Day gifts and offers to double my display space.

An automagical nailer!

Purdy melamine wall shelf, brackets and lovely edge molding!
My drawer tops will only be for storage now and the shelf for
displaying completed projects!
See I can argue with myself all day but I always, always win.

Real Good Toys New Orleans dollhouse - let's do this!

Hope you're winning all of the arguments, too!



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