Mom's Beach Cottage Lamp

This project was the kit from the 2013 HBS Creatin' Contest - the Charming Cottage. I had just finished the fishing cabin/lamp for my dad, so I decided to make mom's a lamp, too!

Mom loves purple, so I just went for it! Her bedroom is all antique furniture, doilies, perfume bottles, lace and flower arrangements so the purple house fits in nicely!

I kit bashed a few items to make the fridge, sink stove, and counter island. I made the stools from scrap lumber (I always have scrap lumber).

Next time I'm at mom's I'll take some additional photos. The wiring for the lamp runs inside the chimney. I bought the parts for the lamp on Amazon for around $16. I made the chimney structure out of basswood and then clad it with magic brik.

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