Encounters Gifts & Grub

My first project back in the mini world was a replica tourist store and campground that my husband and I had dreamed of owning for years. Since we live in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, our dream business is called Encounters Gifts & Grub. It's a place for tourists on their way to Mt. Rainier National Park to camp, eat, and learn about all things Bigfoot!

Any fun campground has to have spooky campfire stories, and around here, that means bigfoot stories! And because bigfoots are so curious, this one is eavesdropping from behind the trees!

Inside the shop you'll find books, dvd's, t-shirts, cameras, tent and sleeping bag rentals, bumper stickers, tarps, fire logs, flashlights, 

There's also a habituation center where you can pick up some apples, peanut butter, glow sticks, wood knockers and bigfoot sighting maps.

And of course if you're hungry, there's lots of delicious grub!

And the friendly carved bigfood greets you at the front door.

This project was the precipice for so many more! I think I am making up for lost time!

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