Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sweet Christmas Cottage Progress Report

While I can't say this post will contain any good eye candy, there will be some cookies! Paperclay cookies, that is! And while it's been a very busy couple weeks, I have made slow progress on the Sweet Christmas Cottage nonetheless.

I wanted to make an easy access panel for the wiring, so decided a removable chimney seemed like a good solution. It was challenging to make something to not only hide the exposed wires, but also accommodate the shape of the structure. I had wires coming out from a lot of places.

I began by making a frame to enclose most of the wires, leaving out the junction splice and the wires from the radio. If I add a speaker to the radio, I'll need this area open to attach the iPod to later on.

I wanted a fantasy sort of feel, so I cut strips of cardboard to create a curved edge.

Then I traced the structure onto some cardboard from a cereal box.

Then covered it in gesso. The gesso caused a bit of warping, but I think the finish mortar/frosting will make it work in my favor.

This is my first time working with Creative Paperclay, so I had fun experimenting with different cutters and push molds.

It was just like making real gingerbread cookies, really. Just roll, cut out, and glue.

I used wood shaped hearts to fill in gaps, and in general just had fun. The base will be painted gingerbread, have "frosting" piped in as mortar, then I'll add candies and such where needed.

I added some porch roof extensions, then gave the roof an undercoating before starting on the cookie roof.

I am using these fondant cutters to cut the paperclay into roof tiles. It's a slow go, but I think I am really going to like the effect when it's all finished with frosting, glitter, candies and tons of gingerbread house goodness! :O)

The lower roof and porch roof are finished up, the back roofs started, and the large front roof in progress. The plywood base will arrive tomorrow, so I can get that attached and begin the cookie texture on the walls.

 Much left to do, and with all of the holiday tasks like cleaning and Christmas shopping competing for time, it is sure to be a race to the finish. It is so much fun, though, and I am so grateful when I can find the time to play!

Hope you're all finding play time, to!

xo xo,


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