Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sweet Christmas Cottage - The Next Layer

Although I am happy with the look of the paperclay cookie roof tiles, it was a real slog getting them done. At times the endlessness of rolling, cutting, smoothing edges and gluing them on had me fantasizing about other new projects. Thanks to the encouragement of the fine group of fellow miniaturists over on the Greenleaf Forum, I hunkered down and finally finished. I ended up using a total of five 16 oz packages of Creative Paperclay. Thank goodness it doesn't weigh 5 lbs when dry, or I'd have needed extra structural support!

The next step then was to get them painted. I had made my mind up on Moroccan Spice from the color samples, but once the roof was painted, I had a nagging doubt each time I looked at it.

True to form, I ignored my doubts and kept moving ahead, painting the rest of the structure. I guess I was succumbing to the pressure of the fast approaching self imposed holiday deadline.

But finally, I had to face the fact that I was looking at a Big, Spicy Turd. :o(

I must have mixed and painted on at least three colors until I found my ideal "gingerbread". First, I added the whole sample jar of Nugget Gold to the Moroccan Spice. After 2 coats it was still too dark. Then, I added in a good amount of Warm White acrylic.

Once I liked the body color, I toiled still about the cookie roof. Finally, laying awake and running options through my mind, I remembered that I'd originally wanted a lighter color for the roof. That made the decision easier. I just added in the Fudge Truffle, more Warm White, and had a base for the roof I could live with. I actually love it now. I should know by now that nagging voices nag you for a reason.

I quickly threw together the small base - just a piece of 1/2" plywood with simple 3/4" basswood trim on the edges. It is only 15" x 20" to save time on landscaping, or in this case candy-scaping, and make holiday display less intrusive. Having not accounted for the full depth of the porch, it will stick out a bit from the front. I'll try to turn this from and oops to a "I totally meant to do that". Hopefully, I've managed to convey the graham cracker planking.

Next, I built windows, making candy and frosting "stained glass",  added shutters with candy cane hinges, and began turning plywood gingerbread trim into gingerbread house gingerbread trim.

The chimney's gotten it's first outline in "mortar"...

And next I'll be working on adding layer upon layer of collage clay frosting, peppermints, candy canes, gum drops, frosted fences, cookie shrubbery and any other idea that fills the Sugarplum Visions in my dreams each night.

With just over a week until Thanksgiving, I am hoping the great winds generated by the speed with which I'm working continue to fan the flames of inspiration! And that in spite of no experience, I take quickly to piping "frosting"!

xo xo,

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