Friday, January 20, 2017

Christmas Dammit! And Other Good Things...

Remember that flu I mentioned in my last post? It just kept coming around - again and again! My poor mom ended up in the hospital for 5 days with the stuff, and still felt terrible for another 5 days after they let her out!  I was back down for three days, and my dad had to have 2 rounds of antibiotics to quash his resulting sinus infection. Just a mean and nasty bug that I hope we have finally beat for good!

Due to all of the sickness and the hospital stay, we had to postpone our family Christmas celebration again - for another week. There has been so many obstacles to all of us getting together that I started referring to it as Christmas Dammit! Because in spite of all the road blocks, WE WILL HAVE CHRISTMAS DAMMIT! Festivities take place tomorrow (God willing), and then life will resume as "normal" again (she says with her eternal optimism firmly installed).

In the meantime, some really wonderful things have been sprinkled into the mix. I was contacted by a miniature publication and asked to write a few veggie tutorials for an upcoming issue. Of course I said yes, even though the level of confidence I have in my mini abilities is not a truly comfortable one. But, I know that challenges are how we grow, so I welcomed the opportunity. It will cover how to make an easy raised planter and include four different (paper craft) vegetables. It's been fun to work on, and I am about half way finished!

I hope to start the next project just as soon as I finish the tutorials - it feels like my mini life stopped when I got sick in December, and I am looking so forward to delving into projects and the community once again. I get so cranky otherwise! :O) I'll be using another chipboard kit from Alpha Stamps as the structure for the flower shop. I really enjoyed making cooking scenes in the secret book kits that are offered from them! The chipboard kits are:

1. Affordable.
2. Easy to assemble.
3. Easier than wood to alter.
4. Small enough to finish (and enjoy looking at) pretty quickly.

I also love that I can use scrapbooking sets to paper and coordinate both the inside and outside of the structure. It's really like miniatures meets collage art - so much to get creative with and enjoy! I hope that it will inspire you to branch out, as well!

I am using the Gilded Lily papers from Graphics 45. They are wonderful!

Monday I'll work on the Swiss Chard (for the third time - my leaf veining really stinks!) and lettuce, then hopefully turn to the floral side of mini botany - speaking of which, the working title for the flower shop is Botanique. A little French, you say? Oui, oui!

Have a wonderful and healthy weekend!