Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sasquatch Chronicles

Line of 3 different sized tracks we found near Mt. Saint Helens 3-7-15

In my About Me paragraph, some of you may have noticed that one of the things I love are bigfoot podcasts. To some, that may sound like a ridiculous topic to be interested in. To others who, like Russ and I, spend countless days in the woods, you may also be looking for explanations to some really weird things you've experienced.

There are a lot of podcasts out there dedicated to cryptids - some, much more informational and realistic than others. I have one all time favorite, because I find the host, Wes Germer, to be completely grounded in reality - even though he and his brother experienced one of the most terrifying encounters that I've ever heard.

That is the exact reason why Wes started Sasquatch Chronicles. When he called Fish and Game to report his incident, they basically acknowledged that these creatures are real, but would not go on record with anything. Some made fun of Wes and Woody, and some flat out call them liars. Wes wanted to create a safe place where people could come and share their experiences. Not surprisingly, some of these poor people are terrified and just need to share.

Wherever you fall on the Do Exist/Don't Exist scale, I think you'll find the witness encounter stories highly enjoyable. Wes puts out a free Sunday night podcast each week, and if you find yourself dying for more, for $7 a month you get one or two more episodes each week. I recommend starting with the oldest episodes. It's interesting to hear Wes' ideas of what these things might be (and why they behave the way they do) evolve over the past couple years.

I love to listen to them while I am mini-ing. At night though, when I'm listening, it is never next to the big window! Yikes! Someday, I might even post a few of the very strange incidences we've seen and heard out there!

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