Sunday, October 11, 2015

Welcome Home My Friend

A week or so ago, in my New Friends post, I mentioned that I had rescued a poor little woman I'd seen on eBay. Well, here is why I just had to save her...

For one thing, she was only listed as "Elderly Woman" in the auction. The poor thing wasn't even given a name! Second, the auction also mentioned that she was from the Chicken Ranch in Texas. I am sure most of you know that the Chicken Ranch was a real brothel from very early in the 20th century until the 70's. A few years after it was finally shut down, the movie Best Little Whorehouse In Texas came out. It was based on the activities of the brothel. The history is very interesting, so click the link above to learn more.

I could only imagine the horrors that go along with growing old in a brothel. I just had to help her. Imagine wearing this outfit every day!

When this poor lady arrived in a coffin, giving her a new life was even more poetic! The nerve! Even on the coffin she was referred to as "Elderly Woman"! She even had a price tag!

As soon as I freed her from that Styrofoam death, the little lady and I had a long, heartfelt, warm and beautiful conversation. I PROMISED her that she would never again be treated with such indignity! I said that she was officially retired from that former life, and in this new life, she would be well taken care of. I would build her beautiful homes to live in. I would bring her new friends. Her and I would be friends.

The first order of business was to liberate her from that sequined and inappropriate get up. We made her a nice dress in a soft cotton knit. She loved the tie dye pattern, and said teal was one of her favorite colors.

We smoothed the stick mess out of her hair, cut off the bad ends, and added a nice braid. She said her eye sight was fading a bit, so we dabbed on a nice deep ebony to improve her vision. She now sees life in a whole new light, and is looking forward to many happy days ahead.

Everyone, meet Gertrude. Or as she likes to be called, Gerdy. Welcome home my new friend!


  1. Oh my gosh you transformed Gerdy! Yay! She looks so much better.. so much more sophisticated. So much happier! :D

    1. Thanks Sam! She and Kairi are currently sitting together in the contemporary living room of Alki Point drinking frappucchinos. They both seem very content and look at me as though I am interrupting as I look in on them. :O)
      I think they are slightly irritated because the work has all but stopped on the New Orleans...