Monday, October 26, 2015

Learning and Doing

I started gluing the Andi-Mini flagstone to the front of the barn, around the garage doors - so far, so good. It's like fitting a puzzle together, only there is no box cover telling you what it should look like when you're done. Freedom to get creative! I LOVE the 3D depth they are giving...

Then, I had rocked up to the front door. Oh. Yeah... I am going to have to make the entry deck before I can finish the flagstone. Hmmm... I've made lots of stuff before, but never a deck. Again this barn is stretching my comfort zone.

Thank you Universe for Google! Deck photos disected and plans studied. It all makes so much more sense now! Putting my own together is going to be challenging!

Thank you NancyLand for the excellent tip: using pins to hold wood pieces together. Sometimes things seem so simple, after someone tells you about them!

I am going to try to put this deck together as if I were a little carpenter. We'll see how it all comes out...

Meanwhile, I wait for glue to dry, sipping coffee while I fritter away in TinkerCad. Here are the next series creations:

Enliven Kitchen Sink w Faucet

Exhilarate Bathroom Fixtures

Exhilarate Modern Wall Toilet

Exhilarate Bathroom Sink
Exhilarate Bathroom Shower Fixture

Exhilarate Bathroom Shower Fixture with Tile Wall

Exhilarate Bathroom Shower Tile Back Wall

Exhilarate Bathroom Shower Tile Side Wall
Persuasion Bedside Table
If they turn out to be good and usable in real life, I'm going to have one cool Alki Point project. If not, I've literally wasted a good deal of time and mini money. Oh please let all of those tutorials pay off! Fingers crossed!


  1. Those rocks look really good already. I love the added texture to the buuilding. Are you going to open a Shapeways shop with all of your 3D creations - we really need more people like you to add to the available mini modern goodies =0)

  2. I know! It's just what the big, bland barn needed, right!/! I hope I don't ruin it with the grout! Yikes!
    I would be so happy if anyone wanted my designs! I will happily make everything available through Shapeways. I better order one of everything first, though, and make sure they actually look in scale and function as planned. I'd be shocked if they were perfect right out of the gate. The first order of lamps and headboard are supposed to ship on the 29th. Fingers crossed!

  3. The stone looks fantastic. Where do you get that kind of stone? I really love it. I've used egg cartons and other such packaging but this stuff looks really great. I think I saw information about Shapeways on the Mitchy Moo Miniatures blog but I though she said it cost her something like $250 to get the first things made. She must have had to hire someone else to do the CAD design perhaps? Anyway - could be a great way for us on a limited budget to get minis more geared to specific projects. Thanks for all the info. - Marilyn D.

    1. I am really liking how they are going on, too! I hope the grout goes well - I'm a little nervous about it!
      I bought the Andi-Mini flagstone from Hobby Builders Supply a.k.a. They are having a 20% off sale now, so it would be a good time to pick them up! The coupon code is WPC3573. The ip address for the stone is
      I used TinkerCad ( to create the designs. It is free to use. Just a days worth of tutorials and I was making lamps! The most expensive lamp with the shade was around $10 and probably took me several hours to get it looking just right. Very affordable if you make your own. Also, as soon as my test pieces arrive from Shapeways and I know everythjing is good, I will make everything available for everyone. My first lamps, wall art and headboard passed and are on their way, so let's hope the luck keeps going with the 16 new things I am having printed!
      I totally get the limited budget thing, which is why I make soooo much stuff myself. I'll try to share whatever I come up with, and if you ever have questions you can email me at
      Thanks again for reading my blog, Marilyn!