Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Finding Inspiration Again

You know when you reach that point in a project where you become, well, I'll just say it - BOARD!?!

I had gotten there with the barn. I think because mostly it just wasn't turning out at all how I'd envisioned. AT ALL! It wasn't just that I've encountered so many obstacles, because that's normal in working with miniature building. It's really because the obstacles that I've encountered have forced me to completely change the layout. Which made the pre-fabbed pieces I made not work or look at all like what I had in my mind's eye. I'm just so sad about it, that I had lost some steam...

The optimist in me always wins, so I rolled up my sleeves and just started making little Sharpie pens out of toothpicks. I found an old plastic shim in my junk drawer, probably left over from some Ikea piece I purchased years ago. These, once cut apart, sanded, filed and glued together became an organizer for the garage bench. That kind of got me excited, and that is usually all it takes to get going again!

I needed to measure, cut stain and install the trim for the doors, and then I needed to finally figure out what I was going to do with that window. I like to use Zots to temporarily hold things in place for measuring or painting and such.

The kit came with barn doors, which I didn't use because I installed the working garage doors where they were supposed to live. Why not put them on the end? That would solve both the window and door problems.

The upper part of the barn doors need something... Maybe a frame with our last name initial inside? Hmmm...
Also, I have decided NOT to put an elaborate deck off the bedroom french doors. Just a juliet balcony, I think. I have other, more exciting projects to get to...

I printed out a barn door photo to Mod-Podge onto the inside of the barn door. I printed an insulated wall photo for the interior window frame. I may add 2x4's and some pink batting later on. Just a peek into the walls.

Here are a few more photos of the details. I really need to start using the iPad or the GoPro and not my phone taking for photos. Laziness is the excuse...

The next steps will be:
1. Finish Painting.
2. Install remaining roof and trim pieces to the open back.
3. Install roofing.
4. Make deck for entrance.
5. Finish exterior lighting.
6. Buy base mdf.
7. Landscaping, touch-up.
8. Figure out where it's going to live.

 I've learned a lot with this complicated project. The biggest take away is that I will definitely plan better, and make a scale layout ahead of time.


  1. Oh I LOVE that braided yellow utility cord. What a great touch. Maybe some saw dust or dirt???? My workroom has it. CM

  2. I just love your garage! My husband was reading over my shoulder and commented that your chainsaw and gasoline should be in the shed, not near the living space. Sure don't want the mini people to burn up! Great work!

  3. Thank you both so much! You are right about the dirt! My husband told me after he saw it that his garage has never been and will never be anywhere near that clean! Russ braided the extension cord for me because he says that's how it should be done, but I didn't know how.
    I put the chainsaw and gasoline up on purpose because he tends to put things that shouldn't be up high. Good eye for noticing that!
    BTW... Thank you both so much for reading my blog! I love both of yours and look forward to every post!

    1. Thanks for reading mine's nice to know you're not talking to yourself! LOL!

    2. Indeed! It is so wonderful to know that there are so many other creators out there that get our brand of crazy! And, that they care about what you are working on!

  4. I alway try to plan but new ideas further into the project alway interfere. When I get bored with something (usually because I'm stuck), I start something new so that I'm not pushing on, half-arsed with the old project. I think over time the barn will evolve and you'll love the final piece. There's a lot of good detail and interesting pieces already =0)

    1. I think you are absolutely right! I am half-arsing it at this point. I can just hear the voice of Gordon Ramsey "Have You Given Up?". Yikes... I am looking forward to putting some stones on the front, so maybe that will spark the imagination again. Meanwhile, I have 2 kits and a Shapeways order coming in the mail. I'm set if I need to switch for a bit!

  5. Amazing Jodi. The detail you've added is incredible. I'm off to read the last few posts then I will be completely caught up! - Marilyn D.