Monday, May 11, 2015

Motherhood - The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

I've always said that babies are a gift. Very special gifts that are entrusted to you for a short time. The hope is that you will teach them all of the things they need to know, most importantly how to love. And then, once they are all grown up, and if you've done a good job, they become gifts to the entire world.

I've had the privilege to fall head over heels in love three times in my life. First, with the amazing person that I am still married to for 28 years. Then, with each of my babies, Natasha and Ande. I literally fell madly in love with each of them. I treasure the memories we share, and they will always be the best parts of my life. The great thing is that your babies fall in love with you, too. Every mom is the hero to every child, for a little while.

Then nature makes sure your little birds want to leave the nest - somewhere around 12 years of age. Then, you spend the next few years wondering why your kids are falling out of love with you. They don't want to spend all their time with you. They are embarrassed by you. They argue with you to get their way when you still know what's best. Suddenly, the little person that you couldn't get enough of, makes you want to help them pack their bags! That's the hard part of parenting.

Then, one beautiful day, you are the mother of grown up children. People that you are so proud of. People you'd choose as friends, even if they weren't your children. That is a gift that you get to enjoy, and get to see others enjoy, and that is all the Mother's Day gift I'll even need.

But these are my awesome kids after all, so in addition to being the best people I know, my talented son Ande makes me steak and kabobs for dinner. My amazing daughter Natasha gives me a very generous gift certificate for miniatures. And then comes over with Starbucks and an adorable purse on a day she has to work!

My kids are amazing, and when they tell me that I'm amazing, well, that's all I ever need to know!

I love you both so much! Thanks for being the little gifts that keep on giving!

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