Monday, May 18, 2015

Fairewell for a while...

Well, it's that time again where my job will be going full tilt mode for several weeks. Then, right after that, we'll be taking the family down to California and Nevada  for a memorial service and a graduation. Great times to come, but no time for minis!

I'm about 3/4 pregnant on a lot of little projects, and there's a long list of other things I have to do before I can complete any of them. Most importantly, doing a dry fit of the RGT Barn kit before I go any further. That will have to wait until after June 21st at least.

For now, here's what I have finished or nearly finished:

I have the open kitchen cabinets filled up, and am almost happy with the layout and accessories on the top. Some flowers, and maybe some finished canning jars with fruit in them will most likely do.

The spice rack is nearly complete. I need to make an apron for the bottom hook on the side, and then attach the pot rack to the bottom skirt. The pot rack needs me to affix the measuring spoons and utensil.

There is a lot to do to this cabinet. I am going to make use of it as a baking station in the kitchen. I have a lot of items still to make for it, but the ideas in my head for it should turn out really cute!

In the meantime, I've been thinking about making the living room furniture. I found a treasure web site for making tons of things using mostly foam and mat board. I spent Sunday making the little chair. It still needs some boxing around the back cushion, some piping, and an adorable throw pillow to be complete. Not bad for a first try, tho! Thank you so much Kris from One Inch Minis for posting all the instructions! They are excellent!

I might post a thing or two if I have a spare minute, otherwise - I'll be back at the end of June!

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  1. See you soon !!! Love these !!!!!!! Doing a beautiful job as always !