Sunday, April 5, 2015

So Much Fun!

It feels like a got accomplished today, but more importantly, I was having a wonderful time!

The gingerbread trim has been attached, and the "lace" curtains painted, trimmed, attached to the cornices, then glued in place.

I added a trim piece to the interior window seal so there'd be space for some delightful little mini items!

Between the drying times, I figured out and assembled the light sconces for the inside, and repaired and old exterior light that's been floating around in a drawer for a couple years.

I got out the mini spray booth (an old box from a pair of boots), and turned some icky brass fixtures into wrought iron, and some plastic junk drawer items into enamel flower pots and galvanized looking buckets,

I had a recycled piece of walnut flooring for the interior floor, so I gave it a heavy sanding and then white washed it to help it look old and shabby chic.

I painted the porch in a linen color, then began to cut up the egg carton to make the pieces for the tiles.

That's where I'll have to stop on Auntie Jackie's shed for the night. I need to turn my attention to returning my work space to at least minimally functional, and clean up from a weekend filled with many busy activities.

I hope all of you are feeling the excitement of a new project, and also grateful for the abundance of creative opportunities!

More to come soon!

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